Skateboard Lock by ChevLock’s

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Any orders placed after the 20th of August 2011 will receive our latest model “2 point slide and lock system”.

More user friendly “QUICKER” & “EASIER”.



Skateboard Lock

By ChevLock

CHEVLOCK’s skateboard lock is the latest product to hit the world market today. It’s SIMPLE, EASY to use “2 point slide and lock” board locking system surpasses any design we’ve seen before.

This state of the art lock device grapples the base of any standard skateboard truck, and is easily removed altogether when not in use.

The ChevLock skateboard lock’s design is made of tough, extra light, and versatile stainless steel. So when its not deterring thiefs with its obvious strength and durability, it can be easily coiled up in ones back pocket or small carry bag.



skateboard lockStep 1:

Simply wrap the shorter wire cord around the base of the truck, and slide the larger loop over the first smaller locking loop.

Step 2:

Now wrap the longer wire cord around any secure item ( e.g. sign post or bike rack), then bring it back to meet the first smaller loop.

Now simply lock the 2 small loops together.

skateboard lock

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